Greetings. My name is Lisa. I live in South Carolina with my husband, our son, and our two dogs, Allie and Annie.

I love to cook and study food history. Ergo, a large segment of the content, on Under Mac's Moon, will stem from my assorted culinary endeavors and my search to discover the context in which certain foods become our cultural and historical markers.

The second segment of blog content will be centered on the things, outside of food, that make life great. I believe that music, art, books, and travel exist to enrich our lives. Healthy food helps energize and heal our bodies, but select music, art, writings, and travels expose valuable lessons and universal truths that open our hearts, heal our minds and, consequently, lead us to become better, more responsible world citizens.

The third segment of blog content will emanate from my love of nature and my desire to help protect it. I will periodically highlight organizations influencing important wildlife and environmental protection legislation. I will also post nature photography and writings detailing relevant environmental and wildlife issues.

The last segment of blog content will extend from my interest in planning. I began creating weekly schedules, as a college student. What started as a simple schedule for due dates and deadlines grew into a comprehensive life map, journal, and scrapbook. When I revisit former planners, I often ask myself, "How did I fit so much information into such a small space?" After years of fully marked margins, headers, and footers, I now have a greater appreciation for negative/white space. 

My method/style of planning has always been driven by life demands, so my planning changes as my life changes. Currently, my favorite element, of planning, is page design. And, of course, I always enjoy exploring new planner products and tools designed to expand creative possibilities.



I grew up spending summer days and nights on McCutcheon’s Farm. I used to climb trees, build forts, and roam the land with a dog named Sam. Evenings with my family were spent cooking and eating, watching the night skies, listening to nature, and talking about everything from world events to books, music, and the arts.

McCutcheon’s Farm has always been a special place where the frogs, crickets, and owls sing freely, the deer graze peacefully on tender shoots, and the red fox moves – largely undetected, Under Mac's Moon

McCutcheon’s Farm is much more than acreage on a map. On McCutcheon’s Farm, I learned how to become a good steward of the land. I learned how to respect and protect animal and plant species. I learned how to grow and prepare delicious food. I learned the value of hard work, and I later came to understand how unconditional love can heal and transform most anyone or anything.

While the world around McCutcheon’s Farm has changed immensely in the last 40 years, the farm is still the same. Everyone is still welcome, and the love for nature and humanity still runs deep, Under Mac's Moon. I hope that you will grow to think of this blog, Under Mac's Moon, as an extension of the great things about McCutcheon's Farm.

*This blog was initially named Under McCutcheon's Moon. In an effort to keep naming consistent, between this website and social media platforms, I later shortened the blog name to Under Mac's Moon. The name, Under Mac's Moon, is equally endearing because my maternal grandfather was often called 'Mac', as an abbreviated form of McCutcheon. 


I am not a food, health, or life expert, so the information contained, within this blog, should never be used in lieu of professional advice. I am, however, an explorer – a seeker. I choose to believe that we really can make a positive difference when we choose to seek, discover, and protect. Through discovery, we learn how to better protect ourselves, each other, and the world around us.


I look forward to fun, healthy conversations about posted topics. Unfortunately, there are web trolls who find great joy in disrupting meaningful and/or fun discussions. Therefore, I reserve the right to delete and/or moderate comments that are written with an obviously mean-spirited intent. Please be respectful of other people's feelings and beliefs in the comments section and in life.


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McCutcheon's Farm is the perfect blend of  pasture and wooded land.
McCutcheon's Farm is the perfect blend of pasture and wooded land.